Higher Education Partnerships

We are proud to work with the following companies to make the Interwrite Learning solution the most powerful solution for your classroom or lecture hall.

Blackboard, Inc.

Blackboard is a leading provider of e-Education enterprise software applications and services. Global clients include primary and secondary schools, higher education, corporation and government markets as well as textbook publishers and student-focused merchants. Blackboard's online learning application, the Blackboard Learning System, is the most widely-adopted course management system among U.S. postsecondary institutions.

Pearson Education

Pearson is one of the world's great publishers. They publish more books than any other company and reach millions of people every day, in print and online. Their higher education publishing brands-Prentice Hall, Addison-Wesley, Longman, Allyn & Bacon, and Benjamin Cummings-have earned the trust of educators and students because of their commitment to accuracy, integrity, and independence of thought.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Wiley publishes textbooks and other educational materials in print and online for undergraduate and graduate students and lifelong learners. Their programs are targeted to the sciences, engineering, mathematics, and accounting, with growing positions in business, education, and modern languages. In Australia, they are a leading publisher for the secondary school market.

Cengage Learning

Cengage Learning delivers highly customized learning solutions for colleges, universities, professors, students, libraries, government agencies, corporations and professionals around the world. These solutions are delivered through specialized content, applications and services that foster academic excellence and professional development and provide measurable results to its customers.